Day 15: Sometimes All You Need Is…Avocado Toast

I used to eat avocado toast nearly every day. It’s filling but light enough to serve well as a breakfast, lunch, or snack. And, on a super busy night… dinner. You can dress it down or play it up in any way imaginable. The avocado truly is a neutral palate. What’s more? It’s particularly satisfying to look at. Although the bright green hue sets picky eaters in a frenzy, it’s both delicate, pretty, and non-presumptuous in my opinion. While I no longer consume this every day, I still average around 3x avo toast per week. And, there’s no stopping point in sight. I have spun this dish so many times, in so many ways- the permutations are infinite.

The Breakdown:

I wanted a french carrot salad but only had 4 baby carrots in my fridge and no cumin in my pantry. A quick spin and I spotted the avocado glistening in my fruit bowl. A quick check in the freezer for bread, and into the toaster it went. Let’s be honest, shaving baby carrots are one step closer to purgatory. The likelihood that you knick your fingertips is nearly too high for comfort. I went for a rough slice (because I was hungry & impatient). A quick toss in salt, lemon juice, with just a touch of EVOO, and they were all set. Oh yeah, and I swapped the cumin for cayenne because I was feeling, well, spicy.

There’s no better way to say this….but I thoroughly smushed the avocado, added a generous sprinkling of salt, smushed it even more, then smushed it over the bread.

Well, you know where this is going. Add the carrots over the avocado, add some aged goat’s cheese that’s been sitting in the back of your fridge, then lightly drizzle your finest olive oil over the top, and always add herbage. If you happen to have a lack of such herbage, lament over it while you enjoy your toast and exclaim that it is amazing besides such.

A quick story for a quick meal. If you’re thinking of avo toasting, just do it. You won’t regret it. Might I add, as the highly opinionated gal I am over avocado toast, if you fail to thoroughly smush your avocado, fail to spread it to the edges of the bread, and fail to season properly- your toast will (you guessed it) fail. Don’t be that person. I beg of you.

🌕 Avo toast to the moon!

Until next time,

🥑 Lil




Meandering between the schisms of Philosophy, Cuisine, and Global Affairs.

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Lillian Syme

Lillian Syme

Meandering between the schisms of Philosophy, Cuisine, and Global Affairs.

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