Day 16: A Last Minute Snacking Cake

Lillian Syme
3 min readMar 13, 2022
Strawberry Powdered-Donut Snacking Cake.

Cake. How can one not love it? Essential to any gathering, cake indicates a time of celebration. There are so many shapes and forms a cake can take. Square, round, oval, rectangular…not to mention the plethora of decorative shapes a bundt pan brings. The cake world can be rustic and so simple, or deeply intricate. I tend to lean more toward the simple side. Simple, easy, less-sugary cakes are my weakness. And, they do happen to be most represented in snacking cakes. Perfect for a mid-day break, yet nice enough to bring to a small gathering. Something of an all-for-one special.

The Breakdown:

This cake was amazing. I failed to take sufficient pictures of it because I ubered to a gathering with it still hot in the pan. There was no distinct reason for me to bake this. Other than the fact I cannot show up at someone’s house without food. It’s impossible for me, a distinct characteristic my mother and grandmother (Polish) have passed down to me. I’m not kidding. I told myself I didn’t need to bring anything. And 30 minutes before I was supposed to be there I was dashing to the liquor store across the street to get sour cream. Entirely based on a YT short of Yossy Arefi’s powdered donut cake recipe, this cake is worth the 5 stars Food 52 claims.

I spun the recipe just a tad and opted to add some strawberries to the mix, because why not. This cake is incredibly easy, does not involve any tools (other than a bowl/whisk/cakepan), and tastes just amazing The utter simplicity, yet depth of flavor (á la nutmeg) leaves me wondering why anyone even fusses with over-the-top cakes.

You need to make this. No — if, and, or, but — is allowed. It tastes just like an old-fashioned donut, but without the hassle of frying and glazing. It brings a sense of blissful nostalgia to the table. For the record, the entire cake was just about gone 15 minutes after dinner, so it’s very much so suitable for a crowd. Plus, you most likely have all the ingredients you’ll need in the pantry (minus perhaps the sour cream).

The only thing I’d change? Don’t brush the butter/powdered sugar duo on top the second it gets out of the oven. A bit of the powdered sugar will get absorbed into the abyss — err — cake. It’s not the biggest deal, because you can dust, and dust, and dust again. I desperately wish I had a picture of it sliced, it was super cute.

Better explained by the Yossy herself, click here for the full recipe.

Added the strawberries to the middle.
Added the rest of the batter on top…with a little peek-a-window.

It’s Sunday…get baking!

🍰 Lil



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